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Favorite Series

The Flash Season 1 Episode 17
It's to cringe to me and it doesn't give you a good vibe as a super hero movies should do. Overall the effects the characters are fenomenal 6/10
Heroes Reborn
This is utterly shit. I am truely disgusted of what happend to this series. I want to give it a 0/10 since it's just crap. I perfect waste of time. But i am giving it a chance because of the first series.
Game of Thrones
This series has been overall pretty good. I really enjoy the suspense,drama and so on. it is almost perfect, but i am a person whom sees animals dead or even abused makes me kinda shed a tear. Seeing the ''main protaganist'' die doesn't even affect me. 9.5/10 the 0.5 because of Animal cruelty
This series is just amazing. It has a good,amazing start it fits me. Since i am a northmen. Seing our northmen history and our ''Viking power'' And seing other people enjoying it makes me proud of being from the north. I still do our nations from being ''Heathens'' Now we are one of the worlds most sophisticated people. It's a good way to learn history from this series. 9/10 is because of the ''shaman'' he freaks me out.
Well. its a pretty good series. It starts kinda slow. But after a while it starts to feel kinda some thing you want to feel and really enjoy. it's a kick an aderaline rush. It's unbelievebal, I put it 7/10 because of the slow start. I am not a person whom enjoys slow starts which is why i put it 7/10.