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I loved stories that can entertain - help us learn - teach us to expand our mind and also good fun

Favorite Series
it was a good idea to take from the film but it was not well executed - it did well to have a second series - but it not bade well - having more Archangels joining would have better - more hope of God and more meaning from the messages on body of our hero
i really loved the series but it really became interesting when one of the sisters dies and another half sister joins them - it was great but the last series was the worst with the cousin looking for the sister - it was rushed at the end too
Heroes Reborn
I have tried to like this but it comes as a poor second to the original series - and even there are similar copy cat characters - if you have not seen the the 5 seasons of the first original series - you will or may appreciate this more but we more original series and not remakes of great series - that do not need to be re- done
Da Vinci's Demons
I loved the first series - it took the many paintings and drawings and inventions and show what could have happened to them the story was different - of course there is artistic liencse - but it was done well - the second series was good too but the 3rd for me was a let down as where it was going from the other series I expected it to be better. the books of leaves turned out to be not much and other things disappointed it - I have a feeling we changed directors for the last series and the endin
The Shannara Chronicles
there are some people- usually the same people - who put negatives reviews on nearly all shows - I would like to see them make a series of their own and watch others critise it. this eries has improved every episode and it has not kept strictly to the book but it is going the right way and there are so many books to explain this series and more after - so they have great scope for other series
I did watch the movie which the effects were far superior to this version - but it was very rushed -this series in panning it out better - but the cast of the movie and this cast are good but also not so good - Simon is annoying - Jace is not as good as the one in the film - his brother is better in this one - it is very mixed to me - I like it but I look forward to when we move onto the other books in the series - it looks like it will end series one at episode 10 - that is a safer way to do s
Once Upon a Time
this is a very clever show and I did not think they could keep it up but they have and we have been to oz and to neverland and frozen and other places. I love the way storybook characters have been given a history and depth to explain where they have come from and what happened to them and how they interact - I always look forward to seeing new fairytale and disney characters - classic series and I loved the spinoff in wonderland which has brought characters back into this series where it began
The 100
I loved the first series a lot so it lost the plot for me in the second series but will see where it has gone in the 3rd series
I have enjoyed the series from the start of the 1st and can see that it should have ended when they planned it in the 5th series but it has done well to carry on so far with musical episodes - I do find Dean's character rather one dimensial and the last series has some really up and downs - where as this one has been far better put together so far - the viewing figures are low compared to many shows but could be as the series makes so much money on DVD around the world and has a strong followin
I love the way it changes the perception of all the fables we have been told and it is funny humerous and that attitude of lucifer can get annoying but we will see how long this can really last
Second Chance (2016)
the main guy is an English actor who starred in Eastenders many years ago - this is series is a like a cop series with a twist and superhero strength - I am really loving it